Question: Do you ship to my Country?

Answer: We ship our products worldwide everyday!

Question: What is the cost of shipping?

Answer: Please check out our 'Shipping' page for more information.To confirm what your cost is; simply add your desired items to your cart and progress through the checkout. You will be surprised at how reasonable the prices are (and if you are not happy with the cost, simply do not provide payment and your order will simply be cancelled). Remember we do ship any orders with a combined purchase value of over $50.00 for free worldwide. Occasionally we run promotions with 'Free Worldwide Shipping' regardless of purchase value too!

Question: How long does it take for my products to arrive?

Answer: This varies on many factors (Destination, Product, Time of Year, Worldwide Events, Postage Services to simply name a few). However we expect our products to reach their destination anywhere between 2 - 4 weeks.

Question: Can I track my products?

Answer: Absolutely - We will send you the carrier and the tracking number within 24 hours of the product being dispatched.

Question: My 'Discount Code' did not work - What do I do?

Answer: Please email us from the 'Contact' page. We will be able to check this and ensure this works if the Discount Code is still valid.

Question: What is the '50/50/FREE'  Promotion and how does this work?

Answer: When you spend $50 or over on our Fitwear & Co. Clothing Range (including any items already on SALE) you can select as many of our products from our Accessories pages and you will instantly qualify for 50% off each of these Accessories and receive FREE worldwide shipping on your entire order... Amazing I know!

Simply Enter Code 5050FREE in the Checkout. NOTE: Only purchases with $50 or over from our clothing range will be dispatched.

Question: What happens if I am not satisfied with my product when it arrives?

Answer: We have a very client friendly Returns Policy listed on the site. First familiarize yourself with this as it outlays the simple process. But in typical Fitwear & Co. style if you are not sure; just 'Contact' us!

Question: When we made it to the Checkout the price changed from my local currency to USD. Why did this happen?

Answer: We are an international online store. Please select your local currency from the drop down menu for your convenience when shopping. However as the USD is the 'world recognized currency' for international trading we will convert to USD at the final checkout (so we are always receiving the many payments we receive each day in the one standard currency). Please feel comfortable that you will only be paying the USD equivalent amount of your current currency on the day you purchase your products.

Question: Is your company General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant?

Answer: Yes - We are!

Your information is collected, handled and used for the sole purpose of providing you with our goods and services. 

We do not collect any other information that is not required for this purpose (Name, Address and Phone Number are all requirements of the delivery process only).

All customers have the ability to sign up for marketing using their email address. This is optional. Should you later choose to change your mind regarding this service, you can unsubscribe at any stage.

We welcome any questions you may have regarding the GDPR at any stage. Please use the 'Contact' page to contact us with any questions.